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About Us

ieBEST is an acronym of Institute of Education for Business, Engineering, Science and Technology.

ieBEST has been established to provide best tutoring all around the world by using latest available technology. ieBEST mission is to provide world-class online tutoriong service at the door steps of the students so that regardless of geographical, financial and time barriers, all students can have access to high quality education at very economical fee. ieBEST truly believe that all students deserve to get highest quality education. In its endeavor to promote education, ieBEST provides an opportunity to the students to study and learn at their convenience and pace. Moreover, each one of them has the opportunity to define his/her own path to get the knowledge he/she needs for his/her own development.

Interactive Learning - Happy Learning

ieBEST operates through state of the art latest technology and resources which consist of gadgts,interactive applications and highly qualified teaching faculty members who are subject specialists which enables them to provide in depth knowledge to the students and also provides practical/industry related examples which enable students to easily understand what is being taught and learn better.

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Our Mission

In the coming years, we believe that online education will be the best way to learn and progress. ieBEST strive to encourage excellence in academics by providing high quality education through highly qualified staff and interactive teaching methodologies to ensure that students learn well.

Our Plan

Exposure to international communities exposes students to their customs, traditions, history and culture that leads to mutual respect, admiration and ensures peaceful co-existence. As the old adage goes, “pen is mightier than sword” it is very much true, as transfer and sharing of knowledge has brought a refreshing change in the attitude of people of all the countries. So we planned to established an institution which pave the way to educate the world.

Our Vision

ieBEST truly believe and understands the value and contribution of high-quality education in making student careers as well as an educated nation. Therefore, our vision is to become the World’s BEST educational institute in context of quality as well as contribution towards building educated societies and nations. Knowledge has been proven to be powerful enough to bind nations together.