Short Courses

ieBEST has specifically designed short courses to facilitate those individuals who want to improve their knowledge and skills. ieBEST help the learners to develop a strong understanding of a specific course which will be very helpful in their academic as well as professional career. Through these short courses, students are educated and trained in such a way that they will be able to perform well in their academics as well as in their professional career when they start it.

ieBEST provides an interactive educational platform where students are engaged in different e-learning activities to make them comfortable with the topic being taught and the course, so that they may understand better and learn more.

At ieBEST, we use multiple sources to impart knowledge and train students along with course book and study material. We connect lesson contents with the practical scenarios and real-world examples so that students can understand it well. Moreover, to further increase the knowledge of students, we provide e-books, videos on different course related topics, recorded lectures, discussion forums and live question and answer sessions with course specialists.

Furthermore, to assess the performance of students, different types of assessment are being conducted at ieBEST on weekly basis i.e. online quizzes, tests, interviews, and assignments etc. Once the assessment has been made, the results are shared with the students and parents, and online meetings are held to discuss about the progress of the student and also to take their input/feedback for any improvements at both ends, if required.